Best omega seamaster planet ocean olympic sochi 2014 replica watch

Today Best omega seamaster planet ocean olympic sochi 2014 replica watch is still at the top of their game when it comes to timing Olympic events.  2014 Sochi Olympics marks the 26th time since 1932 that OMEGA has timed the events.  Their technology gets ever precise, measuring to the thousandth of a second in ever more clever ways.  We can also look forward to seeing more of OMEGA’s timekeeping abilities at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.Sochi 2014OMEGA Watches has an extremely rich history with their involvement in the Olympics Games.  Their first appearance at the Olympics were in Los Angeles in 1932 – this was very unusual as the Olympic Committee had never before hired a private company to time the events.  OMEGA supplied the Olympics with 30 calibre 1130 stopwatches which were accurate to 1/10th of a second (extremely accurate for the time).  The big innovation with these stopwatches were that they could measure intermediate times as well as the overall time.

Omega Watches 1932Fast forward to 1960 – Rome.  Swimming is probably one of the biggest events in Olympics today, thanks to the likes of Michael Phelps and others.  Well you know those touch pads that the swimmers have to touch to record their score? That came about because of an interesting Olympic debacle in 1960.  Two swimmers, John Devitt and Lance Larson, raced to the finished in the 100M Freestyle swimming event.  The way omega seamaster planet ocean replica watch were recorded then were with three timekeepers per swimmer.  Larson 55.0, 55.1, and 55.1 while Devitt received all 55.2’s.  Yet because of the way the first and second place judges (not timekeepers) thought each of them had finished the race, Devitt received the gold medal!  A year later in April 1961, after many attempts to change the ruling, it was decided that Devitt would remain Olympic champion, while Larson’s time of 55.1 was recorded as the Olympic record.  Therefore, as the record books show, the runner-up to this event swam faster than the Olympic champion!


LE SM PO Sochi 2014We hope you enjoy the Olympics as much as we do, oh and if you are a true die hard of Olympics and OMEGA, we also have an awesome Limited Edition omega seamaster replica watch in stock.