What The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Replica Watch called “15,000 Gauss” ?

So what’s a gauss? Other than deriving the name from German mathematician and physicist Carl Friedrich Gauss, from my understanding a “omega seamaster aqua terra 15 000 gauss replica” is the unit of measurement for how strong a magnetic field is.  A typical refrigerator magnet will be around 50 gauss, a small iron magnet will be around 100 gauss, whereas the electromagnet in an MRI machine at the hospital will be 15,000 – 30,000 gauss.  When a mechanical timepiece comes within range of a magnetic field, it basically throws its accuracy completely off and then you need to get your watch de-magnetized (a service we do offer).Omega 15000 GaussFor anyone who knows anything about mechanical Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Replica Watch , you will likely know that one of the biggest factors that can effect the accuracy of it’s movement is magnetism.  If a mechanical movement becomes magnetized, the accuracy can quickly go from being +/- 10 seconds a day to losing or gaining minutes each day (or worse).


Rolex MilgaussWatch brands are now offering anti-magnetic watches, with the most notable one being the Rolex Milgauss.  The Milgauss is anti-magnetic to 1000 gauss, and this is accomplished through shielding the movement with materials that repel magnetic fields.  This method of making a movement anti-magnetic is the most common among these types of watches.  Recently, however, Omega released a new Seamaster Aqua Terra called “15,000 Gauss” (I like to call it the “Bumblebee watch” due to its splash of yellow and black on the seconds hand).  They achieved this success not by shielding the movement like other brands do, but by actually making the movement out of non-ferrous materials.  This allows them to still display the movement (the calibre 8508) using a see-through sapphire crystal case back, while maintaining an extraordinary level of anti-magnetism.

15000 Gauss movementMagnetism will always be one of the most detrimental forces that can destroy the accuracy of a mechanical timepiece.  Although most people do not expose their watches to strong magnetic fields in their day-to-day lives, every now and again something may happen that will put their timepiece within range.  Most notably is when people where magnetic bracelets on the same wrist as their Omega Replica Watch; when this happens, you will see a huge swing in time keeping from your watch. If this happens, just bring your watch in so we can de-magnetize and then regulate the movement of your timepiece.