Rolex oyster perpetual yacht master rose gold replica watch re.f 116655

The Rolex oyster perpetual yacht master rose gold replica watch  is Rolex’s view on the perfect luxury lifestyle watch. First introduced in 1992 it’s less frequently seen on wrists than their other lines. This is because the proposition of the Yacht-Master is very specialised. The ideal Yacht-Master customer is literally someone who owns a yacht. Someone who is active but doesn’t necessarily get their hands dirty with fouled rigging, and just as likely to need to suddenly don a dinner jacket as dive into the ocean. For this rare breed of individual the Submariner is a little too functional and the Datejust not quite robust enough.Picture Rolex launched the new Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master during Baselworld 2015,Only Rolex could steal the show at the world’s largest watch fair by introducing a new bracelet. But the Rolex Yacht-Master 116655 is more than a novelty bracelet – it’s perhaps Rolex’s sportiest watch yet.
This yacht-master 40 replica  is 40mm wide but there will also be the 37mm wide ref. 268655 Yacht-Master. Unlike the traditional Yacht-Master that has been known for platinum bezels this new 2015 Yacht-Master model will come equipped with a black Cerachrom (ceramic) bezel. We really love this new black and gold theme for the Yacht-Master that is both luxurious but not blingy.
The rolex yachtmaster replica  contains the in-house made caliber 3135 automatic movement while the smaller 268655 contains the 2236 automatic movement. Both are more or less functionally the same being three-hand movements with the date. What is very nice about the new Cerachrom bezel is Rolex’s ability to craft it with the markers in relief – which is a new process that we are interested in hearing about. This adds a new character to the Yachtmaster that we haven’t seen before.
Picture Rolex has been really catering to the enthusiast audience for a while carefully paying attention to what is popular on the aftermarket and how people are wearing their Rolex watches. They have been keen to preserve brand tradition but also to adapt to changing tastes in terms of sizes, colors, materials, and straps – something we applaud them for. 2015 is also an exciting year for Rolex lovers because they got not only new colors but also new technologies like the caliber 3255 movement and the Oysterflex bracelet.

While it won’t be cheap (we will update the price soon) the 2015  Rolex replica watch in 18k Everose gold in the Oysterflex is going to be a desirable model and will likely revitalize interest in Yacht-Master collection.