Black dial Rolex explorer replica Watches 114270-78690


black dial rolex explorer replica watches  is designed for polar expeditions and brands to create a professional watch, which itself has no special adventure type function , but in 24 hours to help explorers to tell time under special circumstances . To be honest, 24-hour display such features and nothing special, every brand can do, but only the achievements of the classic Rolex .
This watch belongs to Rolex Explorer watch replica, the official model 114270-78690 . Overall adopt stainless steel material , looks durable . Pointer selection explorer series of classic pointer , the better for those who like adventure specified route . From the appearance we can see , this is a common feature of the watch and displayed no functional complex , believe its location but also for better service at a simple reading .
36 mm dial, looks more like a neutral wrist . Men wearing delicate deep to highlight women wearing see even more dignified and generous . Main tone black dial with silver-white in stark contrast , the time display is more vivid , easy to use .
This is an automatic mechanical watch, the wearer can satisfy the curiosity of the watchmaking skills , better experience complicated mechanical watches . The classic round dial, timeless , and then with steel bracelet , suitable for any season wear, do not worry about easily destroyed. Rolex Replica watches are coupled with good waterproof performance, this watch waterproof 100 meters , when you can not swim off , it is convenient and practical. Price over forty thousand yuan , more common in Rolex watches , pricing is reasonable , interested friends worth considering.