Replica Watches Essentials Longines Heritage Skin Diver Watch Hands-On

Vintage looks with none of the drawbacks associated with old watches; that’s one of the factors that makes vintage-inspired watches so attractive to watch enthusiasts. And judging from what we saw at Baselworld this year, this trend seems to show little sign of slowing down. Of all the new vintage-inspired watches announced at Baselworld 2018, one of the most exciting […] Continue Reading

Replica Clearance Longines Pulsometer Chronograph Watch Hands-On

What is new, however, is the size of the watch and the motion inside. The Heritage Skin Diver strikes that nice zone at 42 mm at which the watch remains inherently wearable but has some definite presence on the wrist. Inside is your trustworthy L619/888 motion that may be found in various HydroConquest models and is water resistant to 300 […] Continue Reading

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In an effort to reign in the past while continuing to offer pieces that catch the eye of modern watch buyers, Longines has built up a legitimate offering through their Heritage Collection. Whether you’re looking for a diver or a Weems, there are quite a few choices that seem to be placed above the usual options you have when looking at the […] Continue Reading

Replica For Sale Longines Conquest VHP Chronograph

Swiss watch company Longines, who last year re-released their VHP (Very High Precision) series of Conquest sports models powered by thermo-compensated quartz movements, has recently announced the expansion of the VHP collection to include several updated chronograph models. Improved with the advent of a perpetual calendar function and extended battery life, the new Longines Conquest VHP Chronograph collection is accurate […] Continue Reading

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Tracing their history to 1846, modern timepieces from Ulysse Nardin have featured impressive technology and a wide range of styles – the Ulysse Nardin Grand Deck Marine Tourbillon next to any of their Freak watches couldn’t be more different. One thread running through the brand’s current creations and connecting them to their heritage, however, is a nautical theme. Among releases for SIHH 2017 […] Continue Reading

Replica Expensive Girard-Perregaux Laureato Steel Watch Review

They say you should never meet your heroes. Understandable, as there are few things in this life that are immune to the crippling weight of our own expectations. Hero-worship with inanimate objects as it may be, is particularly dangerous, as you’re introducing an emotional response to dramatically varying personal subjectivities around design and value – a sure-fire recipe for inevitable […] Continue Reading