Black Dial Omega Speedmaster Professional Replica Watch

He flew on Omega Speedmaster Professional Replica Watch Gemini VI and IX, Apollo 10, and Apollo-Soyuz.  As I sat there listening to these gentlemen speak I was in complete awe: these guys went to space! Stafford was on the first manned mission to the moon and Duke actually walked on the surface of the moon! I realized I was literally speaking with history, and when we found out how limited their technology was, relative to today, it is amazing that they were able to accomplish so much with what they had.Speedmaster Professional

“Apollo may be the only achievement for which our generation is remembered a 1000 years from now.” – Arthur C. Clarke.

This past week I was flown down to Houston, TX, for an Omega Watches training seminar.  The training session took place at the Lyndon Johnson Space Center, NASA.Before I set out on this trip I was under the impression that this was going to be another typical training session where we get to learn all about the product and company, in this case Omega.  And although we did do that, and I did learn tons about Omega and their timepieces, Omega Speedmaster Replica Watch also got to meet and have dinner with three amazing individuals from the NASA space programs: Project Manager James Ragan, and astronauts Charlie Duke and Thomas Stafford.Charlie Duke

Charlie Duke was the lunar module pilot of Apollo 16 and will go down in history as the 10th of 12 men to set foot on the moon. To hear him talk about his adventure to space was an absolutely incredible experience, one that I will never forget.  Thomas Stafford also had many amazing stories to tell.  NASA

NASA Project Manager James Ragan had a different story tell, one that has many facets and more to do with Omega Watches.  Ragan was the engineer assigned to find and test a suitable watch for the astronauts to use in space.  He tested watches from Rolex, Hamilton, Omega, and Longines, and in the end after all the extreme testing was done, it was the Omega Speedmaster Professional that won out.  Interestingly, Omega Replica Watch never really had anything to do with NASA choosing this timepiece for their missions; it wasn’t until the people at Omega saw photos of astronaut Ed White (Gemini IV) wearing their timepiece did they realize that NASA was using their product in the space programs.Speedmaster's

Ragan performed 11 tests on the watches including thermal vacuum tests, humidty, G forces, extreme cold and heat, and at the end of all them it was the Omega Speedmaster that maintained its accuracy the best (a strict requirement of +/- 6 per day).  Their tests were so extreme that years later Omega did not even bother having this piece COSC certified (even though all their other timepieces are) since in their opinion it is “NASA” certified (a much harder certification to get!).  Between the years of 1965-1976, NASA purchased 97 Speedmaster’s and used them on every single manned mission to space.  The Speedmaster was also instrumental in helping the Apollo 13 crew get home after an accident in space left them potentially stranded.  During this mission the crew used the moon to slingshot back to Earth, an operation that required precise timing to accomplish or else the crew would have missed their target (Earth).

Today the Omega Speedmaster Professional has changed very little.  There have been a few updates to the movement since it was first introduced in 1957, but still maintains its manually driven movement and shatter-proof Hesalite crystal.  This is a timepiece that all Omega retailers have in stock and we are proud to have it at our 493 Notre Dame Ave. location, the only place in Winnipeg where you can find this timepiece.