Best Richard Mille Felipe Massa RM011 Americas 5 Replica Watch

Richard Mille Felipe Massa Americas 5 – RM011

The Best Richard Mille Felipe Massa RM011 Americas 5 Replica Watch is every inch the racing driver’s flyback automatic chronograph. At 50 mm it’s big. You can reset it without stopping the mechanism, by pressing the push piece between 4 and 5 o’clock, and then stop with the pusher between 1 and 2 o’clock. The graded tachymeter function on the flange calculates speed over time or distance according to speed. The crown has a black rubber cover for extra grip, which makes setting date and time simpler.

Richard Mille Felipe Massa Americas 5 – RM011

Felipe Massa has worn a Richard Mille Felipe Massa RM011 Replica Watch in the cockpit of his car for every single grand prix since 2004. And that indicates this is way more than a showpiece for a brand ambassador to flash on his wrist. To borrow a strapline from competitor Tag Heuer, it won’t crack under pressure.

It has a tonneau-shape case that took 12 months of research and development to perfect. The machines that tooled the bezel went through 8 days of adjustment on their own. This luxury watch is built to withstand laboratory stress conditions. Despite all that, the petrol head at the helm maintains that nothing beats the real thing.

Titanium watch case? Rubber bracelet with double-fold clasp? Check. Skeletonised dial that bears more than a passing resemblance to a car engine? Check. But this is Richard Mille RM011 Replica Watch. They don’t do small. Nor does Richard Mille. That’s just one of the things that makes the man and the brand an excellent fit for F1. But it’s the fact that Richard Mille treats his watches as R&D tools that really seals the deal.

Even if it did, Richard Mille Replica Watch would turn a negative into a positive by making it a research and development win. The Richard Mille Felipe Massa Americas 5 – RM011 has an automatic movement with a flyback chronograph first developed for pilots. To find out what the RM011 can really do, you have to subject it to the shocks and sudden accelerations and decelerations that take place during a grand prix. It’ll pass with flying colours. Oh, and it’s water resistant to 100 m. Just in case.